There are thousands of ways to build a house, and various materials and techniques can be utilized to lend aesthetic value and functionality. One popular method that homes in the United States use to provide a nice texture to their exterior and interior is stucco siding. Using Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, these coats give off a varied surface feel that is solid and durable.

Stucco is a natural, fire retardant material that requires little-to-no maintenance and is exceptionally durable. Exterior plaster and stucco are great for most areas where fires are prominent, as these can help prevent severe damages during minor fires from the environment. 

Here is more information about stucco and why it is such an excellent building material:

Types of Stucco

Whether it is for exterior or interior plaster and stucco, two types of this material are now readily available in the market. The first type is the traditional one that is installed over a mesh layer and applied in coats. Secondly, a new kind of stucco referred to as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) is growing in popularity. This type is more expensive but also more durable when it comes to certain aspects of impact. 

Traditional stucco can last up to half a century if applied correctly. This concrete uses an expansive, acrylic-polymer finish that develops its end result with the weather. You’ll rarely see cracks on this type of siding, whether for outdoor or indoor use. The latter has an acrylic-polymer coat of styrofoam applied to a fiberglass mesh and foam insulation base. This base gives your home better insulation over other housing materials. However, it is a bit more expensive and can get damaged by high-velocity impacts like woodpecker damage and hail storms. 

Benefits and Advantages of Stucco

The best parts of the application of this material are its insulation properties. They have remarkable properties for regulating both warm and cold temperatures. Exterior plaster and stucco are easy to maintain and will likely not receive any significant damage to require a whole overhaul. It also looks incredible on most home styles, so whatever architectural design you choose to target can benefit from this siding material’s texture. People love applying this to their vacation homes, as it looks incredibly rustic and natural to perceive. 

Durability-wise, if you live by the coast or in other environments with varying temperatures and conditions, you won’t have to worry about expansion and cracking. Stucco expands and contracts alongside the weather, and things like salt in the air won’t damage it or deteriorate it over time. When waterproofing is applied to coat it well, it will be resistant to most kinds of mold growth and deterioration. 

Ease of Installation

Compared to other kinds of materials, exterior and interior plaster and stucco will only take about two days to complete depending on the weather conditions. It is speedy and durable and can be applied to other materials, such as wood and concrete. They are also available in various colors, so any kind of aesthetic you are aiming for in your home can be possible with stucco sidings. It also comes in different rough textures, some smoother than others. These materials will add value to your home because of their fire-retardant properties and low maintenance nature coupled with almost a century of durability. 

Choose Stucco for Your Exterior Walls

Building a home can be a fun experience for anyone, as homeowners can customize them to spec in all aspects. Many modern homes are being made using building materials like exterior and interior plaster and stucco to give it a rustic look and feel. With all the various materials available for use, there are limitless possibilities. 

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