How to Apply Plasters in Showers

Knowing that plasters need to dry to fully set and harden, many people wonder if the material is useable in showers. In short, they certainly can be! In fact, many people use plaster finishing for the most aesthetically pleasing shower room around. While they are an option for any bathroom renovation, this does not mean [...]

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Does Venetian Plaster Crack?

Venetian plaster is a truly beautiful sight. It gives a marble-like finish to any surface, as long as it is applied correctly and burnished properly. It gives this beautiful illusion of depth and texture, but it is actually a smooth surface. Unfortunately, while Venetian plaster is normally quite sturdy, there are times when it cracks.  [...]

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Dry-Lining: What Is It And Is It The Right Choice for My Home?

At one point or another, the idea of improving your home and giving it some much-needed TLC will become irresistible. Whether it’s because of the faded paint of your home’s exterior that needs a touch-up or your lighting fixtures that have to be replaced, the items on your must-fix lists are bound to keep on [...]

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Plastering Through the Ages

Construction is one of the oldest human practices. In many parts of the world, it signaled the development of advanced civilizations. It allowed humans to create amazing monuments to human achievement. As structures and materials became more complex, so did the scope of human endeavors. And one such construction method that allowed great leaps forward [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between Plastering and Skimming

There is an extensive list of home renovation options for homeowners who want to revamp their house’s look. Installing new fixtures, repainting the house’s concrete and plaster walls to change up the color scheme are all great ways to give a house an entirely new look. However, if you’re looking for a way to freshen [...]

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How to Ensure Your Walls’ Longevity

Your walls support your roofs, floors, and ceilings and provide you and your family with shelter. When designed properly, they can add beauty and sophistication to your home. Because of this, you have to find the right balance between durability and aesthetic value. One way to do this is to ensure the paint is in [...]

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How Plaster Has Revolutionized Wall Building

Most people don’t notice the walls around them, whether they’re in their own homes or a commercial center. They’re such integral parts of an indoor environment that they’ve begun fading into the background while doubling as protection from outside elements. However, walls have a fascinating history, and they’ve gone a long way from being formed [...]

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What Is Blue Skin Proofing?

There are many aspects to a home that allows it to provide you with proper protection, shelter, and warmth. For instance, workers apply special waterproofing materials to your roof to prevent you from getting soaked during a storm. They often use waterproofing membranes, a sheet of water-tight material applied onto a surface to avoid water [...]

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EIFS and Stucco: Which Is Right for My Home?

The problem with installing fancy bathroom and kitchen fixtures is that you can’t exactly boast them as a feature to passersby. Although it can improve your home’s property value through online listings, these home improvements don’t do much to your home’s curb appeal. Exterior home renovations may seem like a luxury expense. However, they sell [...]

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