Why It’s A Must to Replace Stucco Before Installing New Windows

If you plan to take on a full-blown home renovation project, it can be easy to get lost in everything you need to get done. However, if you plan to replace windows and other new siding projects, it may be best to put a pin on these projects and concentrate on stucco remediation first.  If [...]

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How to Check the Presence of Rotten Wood in Your Home

Wood is often a vital element of a home’s structure. It’s been part of many homes for centuries and is indeed a reliable construction material.  However, wood is not without fault. As an organic material, wood tends to rot, especially when not given proper care and maintenance.  Rotten wood isn’t just an aesthetic issue; it’s [...]

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What Retaining Walls Can Do For Your Property

Retaining walls complete a landscaping design by shaping its style, but it plays a pivotal role in resisting soil pressure and keeping rainwater out from flooding your space. While retaining walls don’t get as much attention in residential homes, but they can do wonders for your property in more ways than one.  Retaining walls add [...]

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What Is a Foam Window Trim?

Your exterior defines the first impression of your house. If you want your home to convey the right message and personality, you have to choose the right materials. An example of a tiny design feature that has a significant impact on houses is your choice of window. Choosing the right window might not seem like [...]

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How Long Does It Take for Plaster to Dry?

Plastering has been a part of masonry work since ancient times. It is a step essential in nearly every construction project to cover up porous material, conceal any defective workmanship, and ensure that the finished surface is smooth, clean, and durable. However, knowing when it is dry and ready before painting is one of the [...]

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What Happens When Your Walls Are Left Without Mesh

Modern construction practices have changed not only in techniques, but the choice of materials. For one, most homeowners do not choose drywall as their go-to interior finish. Before the modern drywall finish became popular, however, people chose to use plaster.  Plaster is a wet material directly applied to a sheet of blue board, which is [...]

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How to Repair and Replace Rotted Wood in Your Home

Rotted wood is never a good thing in any home, especially if you find them in critical load-bearing structural areas. Most older homes are prone to this. Wood rots as a result of moisture seeping into certain areas. Wood near pipes, basements, attics, decks, and fences are the most vulnerable. Instead of replacing the whole [...]

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Knowing the Difference Between Stucco Repair and Stucco Remediation

Maintaining your home and keeping it in excellent condition also involves inspecting your exterior plaster and stucco. Although damaged stucco siding usually isn’t a homeowner’s priority, allowing it to worsen will allow moisture to seep through your home, resulting in water damage and a host of other problems. However, as you look for stucco services [...]

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How Often Should Stucco Be Repaired?

One of the best materials to be used for the exterior of a building is stucco. This stone-like material works wonderfully to protect exterior surfaces thanks to its strength and durability. However, just like any other material, it is not indestructible. Although it is quite sturdy, it needs to be periodically checked and maintained. Given [...]

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