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Waterproofing with Liquid Membranes

We use Blue Skin and Prosoco Waterproofing materials to ensure your property stays dry all year around. We go through an intensive process to ensure every square inch of potentially “leaky” areas are 100% covered. Waterproofing is the type of project that saves bundles of money later on – a wise investment for any property owner.

Stucco is a porous material and water does reach the waterproofing membrane. That’s why it is important to use experienced Lathers. Proper use of bituthane flashing at windows and doors and expansion joints for large stucco areas reduces chances of water penetration. Applying 60-minute Jumbo Tex 2-ply paper will protect your house from the forces of nature. Liquid membranes can be rolled or sprayed on for commercial projects. Our meshing program not only reduces cracks, but adds a thick layer of waterproofing using a fiberglass mesh and a epoxy cement bonding coat.

Leak Detection

In cases where a home is not properly water proofed or water still gets through the waterproofing, we have strategies to help detect and find the source of leaks. We jump into the darkest spots and figure out the problem, implement an effective solution at a reasonable rate. Leaks are some of the most damaging aspects of owning a property, and without the right equipment and expertise, you might be tracking down the same leak more than once!

We know what we are doing when it comes to stucco and plaster!

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