Many homeowners are hesitant to have any home renovations done during the winter. And while you may think that this makes sense due to the cold weather, the truth is that there’s an argument to be made that this season is actually one of the best times for window replacements and patching. If you want to know more about this, read on as we break down the different reasons that the winter is actually the best time to update your windows!

Makes Use of Durable Materials

There’s a common misconception that window replacements can’t be done during winter. The idea behind this is simple: the cold prevents the caulking (sealants around the windows) to take hold. Now, there is some truth to this. Cold weather will affect caulking. However, temperatures would have to be at around -10° Celsius before it prohibits the material’s ability to set effectively. 

In cases where it is too cold to use regular sealants, installation crews often opt to use materials that won’t be inhibited by the weather. This effectively makes windows replaced in the winter to be more durable and weather-resistant, as they were meant to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Helps Catch Problems Early On

What you have to understand is that complications such as leaking and rot aren’t easily observable especially when conditions are ideal. This is especially true for older houses, as their issues tend to be under the surface and hard to spot at first glance.

The cold weather affects windows in a pretty significant way. When materials come in contact with low temperatures, issues can quickly arise. The drastic shift in weather can help reveal these problems so that you can catch them early on before they get worse. You’ll also be able to notice the cold seeping into your home in case of window leaks.

More Affordable Installations

This may seem surprising, but window replacements done during winter can save you money. Since so many homeowners believe the misconception that renovations that are done during the winter are more expensive and less effective, a drop in demand means it’s not uncommon for many contractors to offer their services at a discounted rate. Now, this will vary depending on the contractor and your current location. What you can be assured of is that these services will be significantly more affordable as compared to having them done during months wherein the demand for the services are high.


We hope this article has convinced you that winter is one of the best times for window replacements. Now, do note that this doesn’t mean that you should conduct renovations under extreme weather conditions. However, you also shouldn’t put off renovations like this purely due to wintertime. If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s a good time to conduct renovations, just contact your preferred contractor so that they can assess the situation and help you decide on the best course of action.

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