Retaining walls complete a landscaping design by shaping its style, but it plays a pivotal role in resisting soil pressure and keeping rainwater out from flooding your space. While retaining walls don’t get as much attention in residential homes, but they can do wonders for your property in more ways than one. 

Retaining walls add a visually interesting layer of architecture to your landscaping, especially in areas with uneven terrain. Made from concrete blocks, rocks, stones, and other materials, retaining walls can elevate your home’s form and functionality. If you’re curious how a retaining wall can do so much for your property, here are some changes it can make that may interest you: 

Benefit #1: Mitigate Soil Erosion and Flooding

Being surrounded by a verdant landscape is a dream for many homeowners, but all the terrain can also leave your property vulnerable to landslides when inclement weather hits. Having a retaining wall can keep your landscape safe by keeping the soil in place, preventing erosion, floodwater, and other natural calamities from wrecking your backyard. 

Benefit #2: Prevents Property Damage 

An area susceptible to soil erosion, landslides, and floodwater means it’s also prone to getting property damage, all of which can be prevented with a retaining wall. By keeping your home safe from the harsh conditions of the great outdoors, your landscape can continue to flourish. 

Benefit #3: Boost Curb Appeal 

Landscaping can do wonders for beautifying your home, especially since flower beds, trees, shrubberies, and other elements can frame your property in a stylish manner. Adding retaining walls can introduce some dynamic textures to your landscaping design, allowing you to make stunning separations and create focal points for a more polished look. 

Retaining walls are made from either boulder, wood, concrete, gabion, bricks, or concrete blocks, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to boosting your landscaping’s decorative elements. 

Benefit #4: Provide an Aesthetic Boundary Marker 

If you don’t want to add a fence and need a boundary between your property and neighbors, a retaining wall can ask as an aesthetic boundary marker to keep people from entering your space. 

The Bottom Line: The Many Roles of Retaining Walls to Your Home 

From protecting your home from rainwater floods, adding a dynamic, architectural element to your landscaping, to creating an outdoor, liveable area in your backyard, retaining walls can make plenty of improvements to your home. 

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