Your exterior defines the first impression of your house. If you want your home to convey the right message and personality, you have to choose the right materials. An example of a tiny design feature that has a significant impact on houses is your choice of window.

Choosing the right window might not seem like a complex task from an outside perspective, but there are many options. To make the exterior stand out, people often opt for windows with a good trim.

What Is a Window Trim?

A trim is different from molding and framing. If you are still confused about the window terminologies, here is a quick definition to distinguish them from each other:

  • Trim is the general term for the material used around windows and doors. It can also be applied to other corners and intersections, such as in between walls and ceilings.
  • Window molding is a more detailed and stylish type of trim that is also often wider in size. Its enhanced appearance generally characterizes it.
  • The window casing is the frame that covers the gaps between the walls and the window. Usually, the bottom part of the window case has a stool and apron, while the other three sides have the casing.
  • The window framing is a thinner style of trim used to frame the window’s perimeter.

Types of Window Trims and the Wonders of Foam Window Trims

While trim is typically made from wood, there are more affordable options crafted out of synthetic materials like polystyrene, PVC, plaster, and polyurethane. Polyurethane trim, also called foam trim, is highly recommended due to its high durability and affordability. Not only is it easier on the pocket, but it also does a great job in protecting whatever it’s added to. Not to mention, it usually remains intact for far longer without requiring much maintenance.

With a foam trim, you can save on your decorative window project. Since it’s also coated with a layer of mesh and cement, it can be hard to tell the difference between traditional trims and foam trims, making the latter the more practical option. And while foam doesn’t result in a pitted stone look, it still makes a house look luxurious—and the trim will never have peeling paint or be harmed by dry rot.

Window Trim Styles Options You Can Try Next Time

The best thing about window trims is how creative you can be with them. Although the concept is simple, in general, you explore many styles for your window. If you plan to improve your home, here are some designs that you can try.

The Flat

If your house exterior looks plain from the outside, you can complement it with a flat trim. It is a slim and modern-looking style, and its color can vary depending on your liking. It is also the perfect style to add a window sill on.

The Substantial Bold

If your house has a colored home siding and you want to replicate it in your windows, you can try the substantial bold trim style. It brings out a simple look into your home and gives your home an added depth and weight.

The Colorful

If you are the type who is not afraid to play around with colors, you can apply that passion to your window trims. Just make sure that your chosen color complements the house’s paint job well.

The Layered

If you have the budget, you can explore adding layers to your windows’ trim. This style adds details to your simple windows and improves their general appearance.

The Wood Trim

If you used wood siding for your window, this look would be perfect for bringing it a natural finish, especially if you used white paint for the siding.

The Vinyl

If you want a stylish look with durable materials, vinyl trim is a popular choice. It is a perfect alternative should you wish to keep a clean look for your house.

Foam Window

As mentioned, if you are after durability but do not want the aesthetics to fail you, you can get a foam window trim. This style gives your house a quick modern look.

Stucco Window

For the expensive and luxurious look, try getting a stucco window trim. The material used here has fiberglass mesh in it and coated with modified cement. It is a highly durable and great-looking material to try.


These are just a few of the many styles you can choose from. If you do not know how to decide, you can always match it with your current window trim style, color, or material. Regardless of your choice, an external window trim can increase your home’s curb appeal and revamp your window’s looks in no time.

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