If you plan to take on a full-blown home renovation project, it can be easy to get lost in everything you need to get done. However, if you plan to replace windows and other new siding projects, it may be best to put a pin on these projects and concentrate on stucco remediation first. 

If the stucco in your home is damaged, you have a choice whether to repair the damage or remediate, or replace the entire stucco. Even though it may seem like the more costly option, stucco remediation is the superior option in many cases. Read on to find out why it is necessary to replace old damaged stucco before installing new doors and windows.

Why It’s A Must to Replace Stucco Before Installing New Windows

Stucco repair is generally a temporary fix to any damage and issues in your house’s stucco. Remediation will ensure that any underlying problems with the stucco and any exterior damage to your home will be addressed appropriately. While stucco remediation may be more time-consuming than stucco repair, it is the better choice, especially if you are thinking about selling your home down the line.

Reasons to Replace Stucco Before Putting In New WIndows

Should your renovation project include getting new fixtures, here are reasons to support the earlier claim that stucco remediation is a better option than stucco repair before window installation. 

1 – New Fixtures May Damage Existing Stucco

If you choose to go with stucco repairs and have new windows installed, the process may cause even more damage to your existing stucco. Keep in mind that stucco damage will tend to worsen over time, making the stucco damage more extensive when you do decide to remediate. 

2 – It May be More Difficult (and Costly) to Remediate Later

Choosing to forgo stucco remediation may cost you later when you decide to push through with it. The damage may be much more severe, leading to much more costly fees to remediate the stucco. The damage to your stucco may also cause damage to the interior of your home, which will add to the growing price tag of your stucco remediation.

3 – New Additions May Clash with Old Stucco

Your existing stucco may not look good beside brand new windows and doors. Their styles and designs may clash with each other, creating a site that may not be as aesthetically pleasing as you had hoped. On the other hand, newly plastered stucco will complete the overall look you were going for with your remodel plans.


Stucco remediation is the first significant step that should be done in any home renovation. It may seem tedious, but having it done will ensure that you will have the home of your dreams after your renovation. If you are unsure how to go about stucco remediation on your own, working with an experienced remodeling contractor is the way to go. It may seem like a big decision to hire a contractor, especially if this is a personal project of yours. However, the right contractor will be able to bring all your ideas to life and come up with the results you were looking for.

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