One of the best materials to be used for the exterior of a building is stucco. This stone-like material works wonderfully to protect exterior surfaces thanks to its strength and durability. However, just like any other material, it is not indestructible. Although it is quite sturdy, it needs to be periodically checked and maintained. Given that materials installed on the outside of buildings are exposed to the elements, they undergo quite a bit of wear and tear each day.

How can a homeowner spot stucco damage? Even if they are able to recognize the damage, can they fix it on their own? If you have stumbled onto this blog post because you suspect that your stucco exterior is in need of maintenance, you have reached the right post! Read on to learn more about stucco maintenance and what you can do about it.

How Often Should Stucco Be Maintained?

Stucco is extremely strong. In fact, the material often easily lasts for up to two decades before it will need any extensive repairs. Even so, it is not indestructible. If your structure is located in a place that has extreme weather conditions and harsh climate, you may need to put in more effort to maintain your stucco.

How Often Should It Be Inspected?

Just like any other aspect of your home, your exterior stucco should also be inspected every now and then to ensure that it is free from damage. Since it is on the exterior of your home, it will be fairly easy to spot any cracks and damage should any occur. Ideally, it is a good practice to have your stucco inspected every two years to ensure that it is still pristine and free from cracks and breaks. 

What You Can Do

1 – Inspect It On Your Own

Taking time to fully look at your home’s exterior will enable you to spot any signs of wear and tear. Any peels, cracks, rips, and bubbles indicate damage. Spotting damage to your stucco will be easy and straightforward, especially if you have seen it before. It’s important to note, however, that the untrained eye will only spot damaged stucco when it is quite far gone. Professionals will be able to identify risks and damage in the early stages, reducing the repairs that need to be done.

2 – Call a Professional

If you notice any damage to your exterior stucco, calling a professional to repair it will be a good idea. Some people may think that it is better to wait until there is more damage before calling a professional but this is not a wise thing to do. The cracks on your stucco may worsen over time, making your home look dilapidated and worn out. Also, you may end up spending much more than you would have if you had chosen to have the damage repaired right away.


Just like any other part of a structure, the exterior stucco will also need to be periodically inspected and maintained. If there are signs of damage in the stucco, they can soon worsen and more extensive repairs will need to be done. To avoid spending more than you have to, it is important to be able to spot the signs of damage and know when to call a local plastering professional to come and repair your stucco exterior.

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