Buying a property is a considerable investment. Homeowners purchase houses to shelter them and provide a quality place for the family’s rest and recreation. Building owners invest in buildings and transform them into businesses. Although they are expensive, properties would eventually increase in value, making the entire investment worth it. Time plays a vital role in this but also the choices that homeowners make. Tweaks in the property can increase its value over time, as well as your choice of materials. 

Every home and building comes with its finishes. While there are no standard finishes for properties, there are top-of-mind choices that contractors always recommend. This category may not be one of the most significant decisions that property owners make, but you should know that the choice of finish can affect your property value too. Let this article tell you which are the recommendable finishes that can increase your property value. 

What to Consider for Your Building’s Finish 

Plaster and stucco are the two of the most recommended finishes for properties nowadays. 

Plaster has made its name in the industry for a while now. It has been used in construction since the times of ancient Egyptians. Throughout the years, it has proven its quality and durability. This finishing material is usually made up of limestone or gypsum that people mine and cook, so using this material is a literal coating of earth against your wall. 

It comes in a powder form, mixed with other strengthening materials such as sand or marble. The powder is simply mixed with water and coated on walls using a trowel. It is a perfect finish for coarse surfaces that you want to smoothen out.

Since the plaster is applied using trowels on hand, it can leave beautiful strokes and textures on your wall, perfect if you want it to have a good wall character. You can use plaster, whether in your property interior and exterior, and it would give you that artistic finish that you want. 

On the other hand, stucco is a cement-type mixture of water, sand, Portland cement, and lime. It is the finish to use if you are after a low-maintenance yet highly durable material. This finish can last up to 50 years even without requiring so much of your attention and care. Besides its easy maintenance, it is also fire-resistant and can cover any structural material. Unlike conventional insulation, stucco as your siding would not require you to replace messy wall insulation to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It is also resistant to rot, mildew, and mold. 

A house with exterior plaster and stucco would indeed have better curb appeal and increased home value should you decide to sell your property in the future. 


Finishes may not be the top-of-mind concern for every home buyer, but they affect one’s home value as they are one of the most visible house elements. Most buyers would be willing to pay more if they learn that your property utilizes high-end finishes, especially if a recent home upgrade. Your choice of finishing material can influence its quality and make the house or building look more expensive.

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