When it comes to re-plastering a wall, it’s never more needed than it is in winter. It’s no walk in the park and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. Thankfully, there are ways to go about the process in a smooth manner. 

When Is Re-Plastering Necessary?

This is the most important thing to consider. Will the re-plastering job really be needed, or is there a simpler fix for wall issues? It’s not as simple as, say, seeing chipped paint and taking that as an indicator. 

These are scenarios that indicate a re-plasting is in order:

  • Paint Chipping Off in Many Areas: If the paint is starting to chip off the wall in more than one place and the wall is already roughly textured, re-plastering is needed.
  • Loosening of the Plasterboard: The most common problem with the plastering on a house is when the plasterboard has become loose. If this is the case, you will need to remove the plasterboard and re-plaster the wall. 
  • Dampness: In the wintertime, the biggest issue is dampness. As long as the dampness isn’t caused by a leak in places like the ceiling, re-plastering will work. It’s best to address the dampness prior to any re-plastering being done.
  • Reduced Aesthetic Appeal: There’s also the entirely aesthetic angle. Walls that have been patched numerous times don’t look very appealing. Also, patching will eventually not work anymore. With this, replastering is in order.

It’s Best to Call a Professional

Plastering may look easy, so you may be tempted to DIY. However, it’s quite the opposite. In the winter, it can be particularly tedious for someone inexperienced. This is where the services of a professional comes in handy.

Plastering has many safety and health risks. This includes plaster spillage, exposed wiring, and more. Professionals will be able to take on all the proper safety measures to prevent damage, accidents, and other untoward incidents. 

Calling on professionals for re-plastering has the following benefits:

  • Application will be done properly and technically
  • Efficient re-plastering done within a reasonable time frame
  • Plaster will be mixed in proper proportions
  • The right materials for your wall will be selected
  • The right tools will be used for the plastering job

Plastering services are available for all kinds of structures, such as:

  • Apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Condos
  • Newly constructed buildings
  • Residential houses

There are also different kinds of plasterers. The residential plasterers work in homes, while commercial plasterers work in offices, shops, restaurants, and the like. 


Re-plastering a wall is needed rather quickly more than ever in wintertime. The biggest issue at this time is dampness, and it needs to be addressed before any re-plastering gets done. A good rule of thumb is to call professionals to do the re-plastering because going the DIY route can do more harm than good. Benefits of calling on the experts include maximum caution and safety, efficient re-plastering done within a reasonable time, and proper application. So, when it comes to re-plastering, don’t think twice about reaching out to the experts!

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